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Mar 16, 2017

How Much Posting is Too Much?

Hosted by Vince Ventura and Shelby Klick


We typically recommend posting to social media 10 - 14 times per week, but each social media platform has it’s own maximum posting tolerance, or how many times you can post without annoying or turning away your customers.  We will look at the posting frequency for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, with a few tips about Instagram as well


60/30/10 Recap

  • 60% Engaging Content - Calendar and Social Library in SnapRetail
  • 30% Shared Content - Other businesses and national Thought Leaders
  • 10% Sales and Product information


  • 2x per day max
  • Algorithm will limit exposure if posts are too close together
  • One Morning, One Evening
  • Check out FB Insights for the best times for your audience


  • 3x per day max
  • Remember to respond to customers who mention you directly
    • Twitter can be great for customer service
  • Real time, so Tweet when you know your customers are online


  • 5x per day max
  • Remember to Re-Pin (those count too and can help build your audience!)


  • Similar frequency to Pinterest
  • Real Time like Twitter
  • Helps to take images to have in reserve and take images on the fly
  • Re-Gram is an app that can help you share posts


Key points:

  • Keep it consistent
  • Use as many platforms as you can
  • Understand how each platform serves your content
  • Use shared content to help you stay top of mind
  • Only boost earned media (shared) and sales posts