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Welcome to the SnapRetail Podcast! These bite-sized episodes will give you the email, social media, and website marketing advice you need to market your small business and get the most out of SnapRetail.  The information we present is delivered by our Customer Success Team, easy to understand, and Made for Main Street! 

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Nov 2, 2017

Boosting Holiday Sales
Hosted by Justin Shoup and Vince Ventura

We’ve covered Black Friday and Small Business Saturday in previous podcasts, so this episode is going to focus on what you can do during the home stretch in the month of December to boost holiday sales.


  • Find ways to differentiate yourself from the big box retailers and the competition
    • Offer services like free gift wrapping
    • Create a welcoming atmosphere on social media to encourage people to come in, so you can help them find a gift.
      • You can do this by posting pictures or videos of your employees with their gift suggestions.


  • Offer extended shopping hours and make sure customers are aware of what those hours are.
    • Add those hours front and center on your website.
    • Create a post about the extended hours on social media and pin it to the top of your profile.
    • Send a dedicated email about your extended hours


  • Choosing a gift can be hard!
    • Create a gift guide email with a few choices to narrow down the options.
    • In SnapRetail, you’ll find gift guide email templates for every member of the family. Just search the word Guide in the email template library and you’ll find gift guides for food lovers, teacher, grandparent, pet lovers, fashion, grandfather, grandmother, brother, mom, dad, etc.


  • Consider having in-store product demonstrations
    • Customer seeing the product in action will make them more likely to see the value rather than it just sitting on the shelf.



  • Upsell



  • Spend some money on Facebook ads/boosted posts
    • It’s your most important time of the year, so making sure your fans see your important posts on Facebook is critical. Don’t rely on organic reach this time of year.
    • Target the ad/boosted post at your existing fans and/or upload your email list as a custom audience and target the ad/boosted post at them.