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Sep 21, 2017

Instagram Part 2

Hosted by Justin Druga and Shelby Klick


-Posting and engaging Instagram business page that will drive customers to your store and/or website.

-Best practices for posting to Instagram and what kind of posts to do for your page

  1. Types of posts
    1. Daily posts dealing with a consistent theme
      1. Throwback Thursday, Customer Friday, etc.
      2. hashtags and how to use them
    1. Direct traffic to your website through posts
  2. Put your website URL into the profile of your page
    1. keep the same clean cut look and feel of your posts, customers should be able to look at a post and be able to tell it is yours
  3. Be consistent with your themes, filters, etc
    1. link in profile to bio for new products, events, store news etc
      1. keep it interesting so customers look forward to viewing your story
      2. keep engaged and comment or respond to other customer stories
    2. show day to day activities and exciting things going on at the store
  4. Instagram Stories and what to show
  5. Keep up to date on all the new additions to Instagram and update frequently

Key Points:

  • What to post on your business page
  • Instagram stories and engaging with customers
  • Keep up-to-date with new additions and updates with Instagram