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Sep 1, 2017

Telling Your Brand Story

Hosted by Vince Ventura and Justin Shoup



In this episode of the SnapRetail Podcast, we will look at how to position your brand, highlight your successes, get customers to “buy” a part of your story, and focus on telling the whole story (including the ending!)


What makes a good story:

  1. It is Customer Centric
  2. It shows demonstrated results
  3. It is personal and authentic
  4. It is unique
  5. Questions to ask:
  1. What is unique about your business?
  2. What is interesting about your history?
  3. What problem is your company trying to solve?
  4. Why did you start your business? - More on this later
  5. How have you grown?
  6. What successes have you had so far?
  7. Think outside the box.  Are there other interesting things about your business?

Start with Why

  1. Book by Simon Sinek
    1. Why - Not many know why they do what they do
    2. How - Most know how they do it (helps to make you unique)
    3. What - Everyone knows what they do
  2. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.
    1. Belief is a powerful thing.  By stating what you believe, you can align with people who believe what you do.  
    2. They don’t buy because of what you believe or for you, they buy because of what they believe or for themselves.
  3. What you do is the proof of what you believe


Tell the Ending

  1. Often the ending is forgotten
  2. The ending is the most exciting part
  3. Highlight your successes
  4. Make it customer focused
  5. This will help people feel a part of your business and create a community
    1. Show images of you and your customers having a great time
    2. Talk about how much fun everyone had
  6. Ex: After event Thank You
    1. Let people know that it was a success
    2. Talk about how much your customers saved
    3. Tease the next sale
  7. Ex: After Sale Update
    1. Talk about your successes this year
    2. Thank your customers for helping you do great things
  8. Ex: End of year Update


Key Points:

  1. Customer Centric
  2. Authentic and Unique
  3. Know WHY you do what you do
  4. Finish the story and tell the ending