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Aug 18, 2017

Labor Day Marketing Ideas

Hosted by Shelby Klick and Justin Druga

Like most large holidays, Labor Day has become synonymous with Sales, Deals, Events, and retail marketing efforts in general.

While Labor Day doesn’t have the same themed pull as Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, it does have an emotional effect. People look forward to Labor Day to have a long weekend. It’s an unofficial marker to the end of Summer.  It marks the time people are going back to school, kids are moving away to college, and we start preparing for the 4th quarter.

Millions are hitting the roads and flying to their favorite getaway destinations for one last Hurrah of Summer and spending hundreds of dollars each through the extended weekend. Now’s the exact time to start your Labor Day promotions to tease what you’ll have available for the first week of September.

Some of the best advice for this Holiday Weekend is don’t close up shop!

  • Although you work hard and deserve a break, you’ll be missing out on one of the largest shopping weekends of the year.
  • With everyone in transit, shopping, and preparing for the season change, you’ll definitely miss out on sales if your doors are closed.  
  • Plan to take your well deserved break on another day.

Second best piece of advice - Make sure people know that you are open and what you will be offering.

  • Send an email as early as 2 weeks before your sale to tell people what you will be offering, if you are having an event, or to give them a special discount or promotion.
  • Send a second email a day or two before the sale starts to remind customers, especially if the sale is in store.
  • If the sale is online, try sending the day of with plenty of links to get them on your website. 80% of email users read email on their mobile device so they will get your message and shop all in the same day.
  • Don’t forget to use social media to tease the release of new fall products, get people excited by your “behind the scenes” preparation for the Sale, and more.

Focus your sale: You want to make sure that your sale or event stands out from everyone else. Giving a few coupons may not be exciting if your store always has coupon or discounts.  Try angling your sale around one of the many different things going on during this time of year.

  • Back to school - “Preparing For College”, “Are Your Kids Ready?” or “Last Minute Finds”
  • End of Summer - Enjoying the last days, get the most out of this weather,
  • Football Season (High School, College, or Professional)
  • Halloween around the corner
  • Preparing your home for winter
  • Shopping new fall and winter fashion trends
  • Products/Services before Daylight Savings - Hardware, Garden Centers, Landscape

No matter what your vertical, you’re sure to find a seasonal angle to focus your sale!

Thinking about making this Holiday Weekend big by offering free services with purchase or putting a discount on products that are NEVER discounted.

  • Make sure your customers know that this sale is extremely unique and make sure they know the value (both functional and monetary) they are getting at a discounted price.
  • Use copy that creates a sense of urgency like “Don’t Miss This”, “Once It’s gone, it’s GONE”.

Extend your reach with a Friends and Family offer. This offer can be done in a few ways.

  1. Offer discounts when customers shop in groups or when multiples of the same product are bought.
  2. Pre-stuff bags Discount flyers, share discounts on social media and email, or hand out referral coupons that people can give to friends and family to redeem.
  3. Create a Neighborhood Friends and Family coupon flier - Join forces by creating flyers with coupons from all your neighboring small businesses that can be handed out to anyone.  You can definitely reach people who may not be aware of your business or services.

Social Media

As always - Don’t let your social media go stagnant because you’re busy!

  • Think about doing a contest or big giveaway on social.
  • Pre-create a social media campaign using SnapRetail.
    • For In Store Sales promote:
      • Sales, event, displays, new product, etc.
    • For Online Sales Promote:
      • Feature product, link directly to product, promote discount codes
  • Remind people of your store hours and when you are open
  • Wish everyone a fun and safe holiday weekend!