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Jul 6, 2017

Event Marketing Basics

Hosted by Vince Ventura and Shelby Klick


We will discuss how to plan a successful event.  How to market that event.  What to do during the event. And how to follow up with your customers so that your next events are successful as well.


How to Plan

  • Timetable
    • 4-6 weeks ahead of time.
    • Set a date and time
      • Weekend afternoon
      • Wednesday or Thursday Evening
      • Avoid beginning of the week and Friday or Saturday evening
  1. Theme
  • Holiday
  • New Product Premiere
  • New Product Line
  • Anniversary
  • Employee Birthday
  • Cause or Awareness
  • Fashion Show
  • Product Demo
  • Open House
  • Sidewalk Sale
  1.  Consider Potential Partners
  • Cross Promote with another local business
  • Join with a larger city wide event
  • Vendor Rep (product demo)
  • Designer
  • Industry expert
  • Charity
  1.  Marketing the event
  • Tease the event on social media
  • Add event to the calendar on your website
    • RSVP
  • Create a Facebook event
    • RSVP
  • Create a unique hashtag
  • Announce the event on social media, website, and email
  • Pin to the top of Facebook and Twitter
  • Update cover images on all social media networks
  • Send an email to your customers

5. Print material

  • Bag stuffers
  • Postcards
    • Can you mail them?
    • Will your partners distribute them?
  • Posters
    • Posters in store
    • In partner locations
    • On community boards
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
  • TV


During the Event

1. Take photos and videos

  • Facebook live
  • Post photos and videos to social media
  • Use your hashtag

  After the Event

  1. Save some images to post after
  • Tag customers
  1. Create a Pinterest Board, Instagram Story, Facebook Story or Photo Album
  2. Thank your customers for attending


Key points:

  • Planning is key
    • 4-6 weeks away
    • Plan date and time
    • Plan social campaigns
    • Plan print campaigns
  • Consider partnering
    • Better exposure
    • Help running the event
  • Make sure to market your event on every channel available to you
  • During the event take and post lots of images and video
  • Save some for after the event
    • Create stories
    • Tag your customers
  • Make sure to say thank you!