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Jun 8, 2017

Fourth of July Marketing Ideas

Hosted by Shelby Klick and Justin Shoup

Top 10 Marketing Ideas for 4th of July

Last year, 48 million consumers shopped- for red white and blue products, decorations, apparel, party supplies and more. The average household spent $71.23 for the holiday and the number is expected to grow this year.


  1. Social Media Makeover
    1. Take or create images that showcase your enthusiasm for Independence Day. You’ll want to makeover cover photos and profile pictures as well as have themed social posts for the holiday weekend for all your social platforms.
    2. Free sites like are a very easy way to create graphics and have templates for Facebook cover photos, social posts, email headers and much more.  
    3. Facebook sometimes create holiday filters that you can place over your current profile pic. Be on the lookout for that, or use your own filter to make it themed.
    1. On the topic of Social Media, Pinterest should not be ignored. Create 4th of July themed boards that compliment your industry. Some ideas can be 4th of July Recipes, Star-Spangled Fashion that features everything red, white, blue, striped, started and more. Family games and activities for the holiday weekend, Themed DIY Projects, Patriotic Home Decor and gifts, and so much more.
    2. If you are looking for more inspiration, Pinterest itself is a great place to see what other people are creating and posting.
  2. Pinterest
    1. Allow this holiday to take over your store. Make your window displays or the main display as you walk in your store themed with everything Red, White, and Blue and perfect for the holiday weekend. Get creative and display products in the shape of a flag.
  3. In Store Displays
    1. This one is more of a soft sale approach. Soft sales mean that you are using a more subtle, casual, or friendly sales approach. In comparison, Hard sale are typically more forceful like giving price, deadline, or telling someone they have to have it.
    2. This email campaign can be used for 5 ways to style your outfit for the 4th, Safety tips for families, Drink and food recipes. Something that gets your name in front of the customer, gives them a valuable message, strengthens your relationship, and positions your business as an expert.
  4. Email Campaign for 5 BLANK 4th of July
    1. Don’t forget the kids when it comes to celebrating Independence Day. If you are in the toy, craft, or gift industry, targeting families with kids may be perfect for you! Plan themed games, face painting, crafts, giveaway balloons, or even have a competition to see who can guess the number of Red, White, and Blue, Jelly Beans (or whatever it may be) and give away the jar of goodies to the winner.
  5. Family Oriented Activities
    1. If you carry products that are made in the USA, this would be the perfect time to showcase them. Most Made in America products usually have a story behind them. Use social media to give a product spotlight to not only show the value of the product, but the story of those who make it as well.
  6. Made in USA
    1. If you are bringing together all your red, white, and blue products for displays, another easy idea would to make all those products your holiday special. Give them a special price or discount if they are bought over the holiday weekend.
    2. If you are online, you can make a special page on your website for all the 4th of July special items!
  7. In Store and Online Specials
    1. If you are online and sell through Ecommerce, you can easily create a special discount code for specific products, the entire order, free shipping and more.
    2. Theme the discount code as well! Use words like Firework, Freedom, Eagle, July, USA, 1776,  Stars, Stripes, or any other creative discount codes you can think of!
  8. Special Discounts
    1. Some businesses have freebies or swag items that promote your logo. Sometimes this is a t-shirt, frisbee, can koozie, or another item that fits your brand. 4th of July week is a perfect time to giveaway these items in store or even online.
    2. If it is a bigger, more valuable item, have people sign up for your mailing list in order to be entered into a drawing for the giveaway.
  9. Giveaways
    1. Don’t forget to be active on social media. This can be a busy time so it’s important to schedule content ahead of time.
    2. Recipes, tips, where to watch the local fireworks, Is there a local parade in town? Holiday themed pics of your store and employees, have a pet wearing a red, white, and blue bandana? Share their picture too!
  10. Schedule content ready to be shared