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May 25, 2017

Working with the Facebook Algorithm

Hosted by Justin Shoup and Vince Ventura



  • What is the Facebook algorithm?


    1. Facebook has developed an ever-changing algorithm that determines what posts take priority in a user’s newsfeed.
    2. According to Facebook “the goal with the news feed is to show people the stories that are most relevant to them”.
    3. Facebook attributes each post a relevancy score: When was it posted (recency), who posted it, what type of post is it, interactions with the post. Then, they order your newsfeed based on this relevancy score.
    4. What does this mean? Basically, a user is more likely to see a post that is newer, is posted by a brand or person that they engage with (react, comment, share, click) often, has a lot of engagement, and is a type of post (text-only, article, video, photo)  that user engages with more often than others
    5. Unfortunately, this means that not all of your Facebook fans are going to see all of your posts on their newsfeed.
    1. Post authentic, engaging content
      1. Images of customers, staff, products
      2. Ask your audience questions
      3. Post content relevant to your community like tips and articles. You are the expert - share your knowledge!
      4. Tell stories
      5. Share posts from other local non-competing businesses
    2. Post a mix of different types of content
      1. FB seems to be prioritizing these posts types recently.
    3. Incorporate video and Facebook Live
      1. Don’t ask people to comment, like and share directly. This used to be ok and encouraged, but Facebook no longer likes this.
    4. Don’t try to game the system
  1. So what should you do? Let’s start with the basics on how you can work with the algorithm to increase your reach


  • Look at your Facebook insights on a regular basis


  1. What types of posts are getting the most organic engagement? Text, images, videos. Increase the amount of these types of posts that perform well.
  2. Let’s go a level further: What types of images are getting the most organic engagement? Are they pictures of people, pictures of new products, etc. What text gets the most engagement? Is it fun, spur of the moment comments about something going on in the store? Is it questions to your audience? Is it a fun fact about an employee?. Increase the amount of these types that get more engagement.
  3. Look at when your audience is online and see if you can find a trend on what time of day/day of the week you get more engagement.


  • Takeaways


  1. Post a mix of engaging content
  2. Look at your insights to determine your strategy
  3. Use email, website, other social networks, and in-store signage and conversation to drive traffic directly to your Facebook fan page. All of your posts will show directly on your page, so you don’t need to worry about the algorithm if you can’t get people directly to your page.
  4. Occasionally use Facebook ads/boosted posts to get your posts in front of your fans.
  5. is where FB announces algorithm updates
  6. Remember, Facebook should not be your only marketing outlet. Diversify. Email should be first and foremost. Then, where are your customers spending time? Be sure to post there too (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat in addition to Facebook)