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May 11, 2017

Memorial Day Marketing Ideas

Hosted by Shelby Klick and Vince Ventura


Memorial day is the unofficial start of summer and is often a weekend full of remembrance, traveling, food, and retail therapy!


Memorial Day Weekend 2016 Sales Stats:

  • 14% Americans likely to take advantage of memorial day sales and promotions (about 45 million people)
  • Shoppers expect to see discounts from 20-90% off, especially when looking for home goods and spring clothing.
  • 95% of military personnel say they are more likely to shop from a retailer who offers a military discount.
  • Fun Fact: 7 Billion hot dogs are consumed between memorial day to labor day. That’s 818 every second.


7 Marketing Ideas

  • Military discounts
    • Take the time to honor this holiday by giving a special thanks to those who serve our country.  This may be a great way to get new business as well as a way to start a promotion that you keep year-round.
  • Have employees wear Red White and Blue and post it on social media
    • Perfect opportunity for Instagram!
    • You can also use social media to promote red white & blue products, displays, customers wearing red white & blue. Get creative!
  • Social Giveaways
    • Start a social giveaway that is related to Memorial Day or the Summer Season. Have customers like your page, comment, or use a specific hashtag and choose a winner at random!
  • BBQ/Picnic Event with other stores
    • There’s nothing that screams Memorial Day Weekend like some great food. Team up with other local businesses, community organization or non-profits to serve food during a store event. This maybe a great way for these organization to have a fundraiser while you get foot-traffic in your store.
  • Sidewalk Sale
    • Using the same concept, team up with your neighboring businesses to have a weekend sidewalk sale. Promote the beautiful weather and all the businesses that will be participating. You can even offer your own customers a special coupon and a different incentive for new customers!
  • “Start of Summer” Bundles
    • Gather products together that perfectly fit summer needs.  This could be things for the perfect cookout, staples for the perfect summer outfit, gifts for the hostess of summer parties, Must-Haves for the beach and more.
    • You can even offer a discount when all the products are bought together.
  • Take part in Community Events
    • Memorial Day Weekend is usually a great time for communities to come together and celebrate. Like parades, festivals, Picnics and more.
    • Consider sponsorships to get brand recognition - Especially if you are new or rebranding. Use this opportunity for networking with other businesses or getting Word of Mouth Marketing out for your own business.
    • Or, take note of these community events just so you can coincide your marketing with what is going in town. Just in Pittsburgh, we have Art Walks, concerts, and Open Street Festivals all over the city. You can easily use these for your marketing by promoting outfits perfect for the upcoming concert, or Channel your inner artist with classes after the Art Walk event.

Key Points:

  • Take into consideration where you are located. Are you a tourist town and need to welcome new customers to your store? Do a lot of people travel away and you can encourage the locals to celebrate with you at a store event? Let this kind of information guide your marketing.
  • Don’t forget the reason for the holiday. Honor those who died for our country with flags. Offer discounts for veterans and active service members. Remember to thank them for their service.
  • Lots of things are happening during this holiday weekend. Participate in community events, get your business name out and get word of mouth marketing, or just use the events to drive creative copy for your own marketing.