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May 4, 2017

Get Consistent On Social Media

Hosted by Vince Ventura and Justin Druga



When building a brand online, engagement counts, but it is wasted without staying top of mind.  You want to develop a healthy balance of push and pull, having a dialogue with your customers online.  The fundamental principles are: to work with the social media networks to make sure the most people see your post organically, as well as making sure you give your customers a reason to return to your page on their own.


Why should I be posting consistently?

  • Definition of Engaging Post:  A post that offers something new or unexpected.  A post that is relevant to the reader at that moment, or a post that makes a reader want to linger and learn more.  
  • Some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will show your posts to readers that have recently engaged.
  • The best way to capitalize on the structure of social media is to post consistently.
  • It can even give you a boost in your website’s SEO
  • It will help you build authority and credibility
  • It will help build customer loyalty


Where should I start?

  • Develop a Brand Voice - Know who you are talking to and how they like to interact.  
  • Plan your content in advance
  • Find content to share
  • Focus on your Target Audience or Avatar


What Should I Post?

  • Facebook gives priority to video
  • Try a Facebook Live event
  • Post behind the scenes images
  • Share articles written about your business
  • Share content from other local businesses
  • Share articles from industry experts
  • Post about Holidays
  • Post about local and store events
  • Make sure to thank your loyal customers
  • Try to engage customers in conversation.  Don’t just push out sales content or push out products, you must pull the customers in as well.
  • Use the Pre-written SnapRetail posts


How Consistent Should I Be?

  • Check out How Much Posting is Too Much
  • 2x on Facebook, 3x on Twitter


Key points:

Always talk to your Target Audience

Keep the content varied - Use SnapRetail Content/Share/Video

Always have an image

Don’t under-post

Don’t over-post