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Apr 6, 2017

Pinterest Basics

Hosted by Shelby Klick and Justin Druga



What is Pinterest?  How does it benefit Businesses? How do I get started? What are the Best Practices? How does Pinterest work with SnapRetail?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is digital version of scrap booking.  Imagine a bunch of different bulletin boards and a stack of magazines. To save inspiration, outfits you love, fitness tips, and recipes, you would rip out pages and cut out pictures from the magazines and pin them on their respective bulletin board.  Pinterest is exactly that.  You can save content from all over the internet and pin it to a board for later. The social aspect of pinterest is that you can comment, like, collaborate, and follow other people’s boards.

How does it benefit businesses?

  • Pinterest is one of the top social platforms for referral traffic. This is because each piece of content you pin can have a URL attached and direct pinners back to your website.


  • 80% of pinterest users are female.

  • pinterest categories for sports, tattoos, cars, tech, education, history, kids. Really, almost any industry can find an audience on pinterest, especially if they are creative with their content.
  • Pinterest is like viral word-of-mouth. A piece of content that is pinned a few times may land in front of hundreds of pinners, especially if you optimize appropriately.

How do I Get Started?

  • I would start by going to  
    • create a business profile or convert a normal pinterest account to a business one.                                                                         
    • If you have a personal account that you use for personal content, I would suggest creating a new one to Brand for your business.


  • Settings. Here you’ll be able to craft your profile.
    • You’ll want to use a Logo as your profile picture
    • clear business description that includes keywords that describes what you do.
    • website URL
    • location


  • Creating boards. You want to name these with Unique phrases that are keyword heavy. Descriptions should also use a lot of keywords, to make your content more searchable.  
    • Don’t be confused. Descriptions SHOULD NOT just be a list of keywords related to your business.
    • Pinterest says: The description is an important part of captivating Pinners. Set a scene that incorporates the right search words, and you’ll help Pinners imagine themselves with your Pin.

  • Example of board name: Rename simple board names with more specific keywords and phrasing   -  “Fashion” you may want to name a board “Spring Outfits for Work”
  • Search on pinterest for keyword inspiration


  • Follow boards that are related to you and repin their content onto your own boards.
  • Build your own content using the SnapRetail calendar.
  • Promote to your customers using email, website and other social platforms.

Best practices

  • Pin often to a variety of boards
  • Like, comment, and repin other’s content.
  • Evenings and Saturdays seem to have the most traffic on pinterest
  • Repurpose your own content
  • Revisit your board names and description to make sure they are still relevant for current trends, seasons, or industry keywords.
  • Use high quality, vertical images
  • Add the Pin It button to images and products on your website and in your email. Include your own keyword heavy descriptions and your website URL.


Through SnapRetail

  • Create Boards and Add Pins to existing boards using our Calendar
  • Easily add Pin It buttons to images and products in email and websites
  • Schedule Emails to post to pinterest boards such as In Store Promotions