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Welcome to the SnapRetail Podcast! These bite-sized episodes will give you the email, social media, and website marketing advice you need to market your small business and get the most out of SnapRetail.  The information we present is delivered by our Customer Success Team, easy to understand, and Made for Main Street! 

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Aug 25, 2017

The Art of the Welcome Email

Hosted by Justin Shoup and Shelby Klick

Today we will be talking about the Art of the Welcome Email.

A customer signs up for your email list, what’s next? At this point, you are beginning to build a relationship with them. This relationship starts with a welcome email.

In SnapRetail, you...

Aug 18, 2017

Labor Day Marketing Ideas

Hosted by Shelby Klick and Justin Druga

Like most large holidays, Labor Day has become synonymous with Sales, Deals, Events, and retail marketing efforts in general.

While Labor Day doesn’t have the same themed pull as Black Friday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, it does have an emotional...

Aug 10, 2017

Staying Top Of Mind

Hosted by Justin Shoup and Vince Ventura

Today, we are talking about the importance of staying top of mind with your customers (and potential customers).


This topic has been debated, researched, and wrote about for over one hundred years! There are varying opinions and theories on what the...

Aug 3, 2017

Partnership Basics

Hosted by Vince Ventura and Shelby Klick


Goals: To use partnerships and combined advertising initiatives to put your brand in front of audiences that you may not reach on your own. 


  1. Why Partner
    1. Expand your audience
    2. Build community
    3. Add value to customer experience
  2. Identify potential...